A Confession of A Man Who Conquered The Army of Candida - Part 1

I have a confession to make. I have not been completely honest with you. I’ve been a fool for a long, long time. My whole life has been one big lie. Though I’ve never hurt or lied to anyone about it, I feel like I have committed a sin.
It turned out I was not as strong as I thought. I lost control in multiple occasions. This habit of mine has definitely affected my health.

My capacity to think clearly for myself has diminished to the point where I can no longer tell the difference between the reality and the illusion. My will power is almost non-existent. All I know is that it feels good when I put this substance in my mouth. It gives me an instant gratification. All my stress melts away, and it frees me from the pain and the suffering….at least temporarily.

Smells Like A Dead Camel

The feeling of euphoria I get from this particular chemical is addictive. Evil corporations across the country know that they can get you hooked for the rest of your life with this dangerous chemical. No, it’s not cigarette. I used to smoke in my youth when Marlboro man on the horse with a cowboy hat told me to do so. He told me that it was a COOL thing to do and promised that it would help me win the hearts of many girls. But I never got LUCKY STRIKE. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even like smoking. The noxious smoke often made me sick. It definitely made my lungs weak. And worst of all, I always smelled like a dead CAMEL in the desert.

I’ve tried marijuana once or maybe twice eons ago. It was when I used to work for this guy who supposedly had moved to Seattle area from Los Angeles to escape from the gangster life. He once offered me what he called “A Good Sh…t” which he got through his old connection in L.A. It was supposed to get me high. But instead it instantly made me sick. And I hated it ever since. I can’t even stand the smell. By the way, he loved taking his crews out to a party every night after the long day of work. He paid for all the drinks for everyone, and I had a lot of fun with him and his crews. But he never paid me a cent for the hours I worked for him. So I quit after three weeks.

Enough of my backstory, let’s get to my confession.

Hard drugs for me, as you might’ve guessed, were totally out of question. I was never curious about it even when I was young, and it will stay that way for the rest of my life.

How about alcohol? Well, I might drink a glass or two of red wine 2 – 3 times a year only when I get together with my good friends. I usually become very talkative and funny when I get a nice buzz going. And I enjoy the feeling I get when alcohol takes over my brain for 30 minutes or so. But I have no craving for alcohol whatsoever afterwards.

Giant Hole In My Liver

So it must be the coffee that I am addicted to, right? No. I love the aroma of the coffee coming out of a local premium coffee roaster. I know I couldn’t resist it when I walk by one, so I would avoid going anywhere near it. How about Starbucks? They are at every corner of the streets. How could I not get tempted? Well, first of all I don’t enjoy drinking coffee that taste like charcoal. Second of all, I’ve gotten pretty good at holding the image of acidic Starbucks coffee punching a giant hole in my liver. I could probably sit and meditate in front of Starbucks for hours and still not get tempted by it. I am not a coffee snob, but I wouldn’t drink coffee if it doesn’t meet my minimum standard. Honestly it is not easy to find a good cup of coffee out there, so I usually make my own at home. But here is the thing.

Since drinking a good cup of coffee is sort of luxury experience to me. I drink it only when the conditions are perfect. First, I have to be well rested and relaxed. Second it has to be Sunday morning when I don’t have to rush to go to work. Third it has to be a beautiful sunny day (I don’t remember the last time we had sunny morning this winter). Fourth, there would be no kids swarming around me asking million questions. If you think that the odds of winning a lottery is better, you would be correct,I miss my coffee.

So both legal and illegal drugs are off limit, and I hardly ever drink alcohol or coffee. Though it may seem like I live like a monk locked up in a cave, it is far from the truth. The fact is that I have a weakness just like anyone else – an addiction that I hate to admit that I have. It is my kryptonite that is killing my health slowly. And I know it. But the devil in my ear whispers every day that it is justified as long as I come up with an excuse for it. He loves it when I tell him my favorite excuse – “I am so stressed….” His responses are always the same. “Go ahead. Have some fun! A little bit of it won’t hurt you.” Funny thing is…he says with Jerry Seinfeld’s impression every time. So I open my mouth and permit myself to eat…..

Sugarly Dessert!

Eating dessert is a bad habit of mine that has been going on for a quite some time. It’s not that I eat too much of it. So as long as I regularly exercise and burn it off, I shouldn’t haveany problems. However, in recent years, I took on so much more responsibilities in my life, and I have been busy making excuses for not exercising. It finally started taking tolls on my health. We all know the negative impact of sugar on our health, but no one wants to hear it. I ignore the warning all the time too. Even worse I refused to admit I was addicted to it. What I didn’t know was that sugar was creating the perfectly fertile environment for something eviler than sugar itself. I will explain it a little later.

My Body Is Falling Apart

Anyways, the signs of deteriorating health were everywhere. First, I was noticeably tired all the time. All I wanted to do after work was to sit on the massage chair and fall asleep. My muscles were always tight and achy, and the heaviness around the lower back was constant. I couldn’t even sleep well at night no matter how tired I was.

My digestion was the biggest problem. I had almost no appetite. It felt like the food was always stuck somewhere in the middle of the stomach not getting digested. Constipation was never an issue but the bloating persisted no matter what I do, leaving me feel very uncomfortable. And the worst of all, my old girlfriend named “Hemorrhoid’ kept on coming back to me, causing me pains and sorrow each time. I also became more sensitive to all sorts of allergens. The stuffy nose and the itchy skin were common occurrence. My eye sight was clearly getting weak. I was trying to dismiss it as the sign of getting old. But I shouldn’t take it lightly because it is the sign of exhausted liver which in turn affects my emotions. That explain why I am sometimes cranky. Juli often calls it “Hot Liver.”

I have been blaming stress for the cause of my health problem. And I had no doubt that most of my symptoms would go away once I changed my lifestyle dramatically. However the chance of that happening is slim at this point in my life. Plus once you created the condition in your body where illness thrives (whether it is caused by stress or not), changing a lifestyle will not do the trick. You must reverse or eliminate the condition as quickly as possible. So what kind of ‘condition’ or environment’ have I created in my body to cause all of the health problems? Let’s find out.

Candida Overgrowth - The Perfect Storm

Lately I noticed Juli has been prescribing the herbs called “Candida Cleanse Herbs” to her patients. She told me that many people especially women are getting a great results from the herbs. “Candida Feeds on Sugar! You have to stop eating sweets!” It’s Juli’s favorite line. After hearing her say million times, it finally dawned on me that my love for sugar combined with stress was creating perfect environment in my gut for Candida overgrowth. It is like 2 hurricanes combined to create Category 5 super hurricane, “The Perfect Storm” - Candida Overgrowth is the “The Perfect Storm. Once you have this condition nothing you do will help reverse this condition unless…something more powerful overpowers it.

Now I want you to imagine the old pipe under the kitchen sink. Its’ inner wall is completely covered with thick slimy gunk. It is so greasy and sticky even the “Drano” can’t dissolve it. Water still drains slowly down the pipe, but anything bigger than the size of a bean would completely clog the pipe.

This is similar to what’s happening inside your guts when you have Candida overgrowth. Sticky mucous membrane covers the folds.....

Sorry, that’s all for this month. Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter to learn more about how the Candida Cleanse worked for me!

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