How do I prepare the herbs?

Hen Sen Specialty pills require no special preparation. However, tailor-made herbal preparations must be diffused into a tea before consumption. Learn more about how to prepare herbs on How to Cook Herbs.

Is a consultation appointment necessary?

A consultation appointment is not necessary to order herbs but by scheduling an appointment patients can receive a tailor-made herb prescription better aimed for healing the patient’s unique ailment.

How long until I start seeing benefits from the herbs?

The healing process can take a variable amount of time depending on several factors including the duration and severity of the illness as well as whether the patient is adopting healthier lifestyle and diet choices. Severe illnesses that have been present for a long period of time take significantly longer to heal than milder illnesses that have only been present for a short time. Similarly, if the patient is abusing alcohol, indulging in junk food, or smoking, the healing process is going to take longer. Read more about herbal benefits on The Healing Process.

What conditions do Chinese herbs treat?

Chinese herbs can be used to treat a variety of ailments including arthritis, migraines, and digestive problems along with skin, respiratory, kidney, and liver disorders. Will the herbs still work if I am already taking medication? Chinese herbs are a very powerful healing tool. In some instances it may be beneficial to take the herbs in tandem with medications to help cleanse the body of toxins. Read more about this on Diagnosis Method & Philosophy.

Do Hen Sen Specialty spills expire?

As long as pills are stored in a cool, dry place pills are still okay to take even after long periods of time. At our old shop, we still have some Taifu pills from 30 years ago that still work as good as new ones. Make sure to keep the pills away from moisture and they will last for quite some time.

Can children take Chinese herbs?

Chinese herbs are safe for children to take under the supervision of adults. Children can start with smaller doses and take larger doses with time.



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