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For herbalist, a tongue tells no lies

The Seattle Times - 3/6/2018
Like fathr, like daughter.
Juliana Chine Isogai knows how to combine traditional herbs, hundreds of them.
"The bitter the better." And she knows how to read tongues.
"Tongues don't lie." She was taught by her father, the late Hen Sen Chin. He had shop in the Chinatown International District and then Beacon Hill from 1951 to 2006.
He Blended herbs for teas after checking patients tongues.
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Chinatown's practicing herbalist

The Seattle Times - 9/8/1974
CHINESE HERBS and the ancient knowledge of their healing powers are combined at the Hen Sen Herb Co. in Seattle's International District. Approximately 1,400 herbs are available ... read more

Herb specialist kept busy

Our Community - 10/23/1974
Seatlle’s International District has a registered, practicing herb specialist, Hen Sen Chin, and many people consult him about their ailments...... read more

Herbal Medicine

The Seattle Times - 9/11/1977
When is food medicine? And when are medicinal herbs food? The answer to both questions, according to Chinese herbal medicine, is that the two are interchangeable. Hen Sen Chin, a Chinese herb specialist..... read more

Herbal Healers

The Seattle Times - 2/2/1984
The Chinese medical system was respected on the Idaho frontier - and still is today. “Doc had the solemn visage of a Mnchu .... read more

Chinese herb medicine isn't history yet

Seattle Post Intelligencer - 3/13/1984
Inside glass cases are a dried bear gall bladder and 15 herbs used in the Chinese treatment for hemorrhoids. Along the walls are historical photos..... read more

Chinese herbal specialist in Seattle

Discover China - August 1984
The practice of Chinese medicine has a history of more than five thousand years, it’s beginning dating back to Shen-nong (the “saintly farmer”)......read more

A quick natural heal

Unknown publication - unknown date
Natural and chemical-free products are the concern of today, and medical products are no exception. More and more people are seeking to treat .... read more

Seattle Chinese Post

Seattle Chinese Post - 3/24/1984
Hen Sen Chin featured in Seattle Chinese Post with Choy Kai Chiu

Juliana Chin with Her father Hen Sen Chin

Seattle Chinese Post - unknown date
Julina Chin and Her father Hen Sen Chin was featured in Seattle Chinese Pose with the patient whose cancer had miraculously disappeared.



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