UPR - Upper Respiratory Support

UPR refers to Upper Respiratory. It nourish and strengthen the lung, so that the blood circulates though the lung freely. One of the most important functions of lungs is to absorb the oxygen into blood stream. Without oxygen circulating, our internal organs simply would not function. It will weaken the body and make it very susceptible to the virus and bacteria. The result is frequent cold and flu. Some of the indications of weak lung include coughing, yellow or green mucus, shortness of breath and etc. Take UPR in order to maintain healthy strong lungs, especially during cold winter season when the lungs are easily affected by the cold air. UPR can be combined with D12 to protect upper respiratory and strengthen your immune system (SeeĀ Cold & Fever Remedy)

Coptis, Scutellaria, Gardenia, Chrysanthemum, Tumeric, Chuanxiong, Trichosanthes root, Angelica, Campanulaceae, Pueraria, Mint, Scrophulariaceae, Rhubarb, Forsythia, Nepeta Sui

More about the Lungs
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Lung is believed take in Qi or Chi, which is energy or life force. They represent more than just taking in energy, they are also said to represent boundary and renewal. This can be seen physically as someone who has good posture, is open and confident, allowing the Lungs to work freely. They have confidence and appear to have strength and easily receive respect. Without good posture, the lungs are unable to expand fully. A person who is slouching may also seem withdrawn and unapproachable.

Why the Lungs matter:
Lungs work with the Colon to fully support the immune system. The Lungs may bring in pathogens or germs and the Colon expels them. When both are working well, then one will not get sick as easily. When the lungs are healthy, the skin and hair will be healthy too. How can you support and strengthen the Lungs? By taking deep breaths, by allowing more oxygen to flow through them. Some people may experience illnesses or an accident, which impedes the function of the Lungs. If this happens, there is a Traditional Chinese Herbal combination to help. The UPR pill was developed to support the Lungs. UPR can be taken in small amounts daily and increased when there is a need for more support.

It is said that the Lungs are weakened by grief, sadness and illness. Take extra care to breath deeply in hard times to support your Lungs. Eating fresh vegetables will also help. If you are craving protein, it can be a sign of low Lung Qi. Try eating low fat proteins such as Tofu and White Meat for support, and avoid high fat processed foods.