Taifu vs Taifu Plus

PlusthumbTaifu Plus is recommended if any of the following conditions apply to you:

  • Constipation has been bothering you for a long time. If you have only 3 to 4 bowel movements a week, your digestive system is very sluggish. Toxin-filled fecal matter stuck in the colon needs to be cleansed out to speed up the reactivation of the entire digestive system. Taifu Plus is perfect for eliminating toxins from the body and promoting bowel movements that are necessary for optimal health. Taifu Plus is a natural and ideal way to alleviate sluggish bowels.
  • Your tongue has a white or yellowish coating. If your tongue has a white or yellow film and/or is very rough, your internal system is out of balance and toxins have been building up. Detoxification and balancing of the internal system is necessary before healthy digestive functions resume. You need Taifu Plus in order to cleanse and balance your internal system, whether you have constipation or not.
  • You take strong prescription drugs on a regular basis. When you are on strong medications, your tongue might look smooth and pink or reddish, which normally indicates a rather balanced internal system, but it could also be far from the truth. Strong medications supress or over-stimulate the normal functions of the body. As a result, indications that appear on the tongue are not reliable. Man-made chemicals (toxins) in the medication need to be cleansed out of the system to bring back the normal function of your internal organs. Try to stay away from anything that is not natural.

Various white & yellow tongue coatings


TaifuthumbTaifu is recommended if none of the above applies to you, and:

  • You feel that your digestive system is not as strong as it once was and you feel sluggish, tired, and/or bloated, especially after a meal. It is normal for the digestive system to get weaker with age. Regular maintenance of your digestive system is crucial for your health as you get older. Taifu will rejuvenate and support the aging digestive system by cleansing and balancing. Because of this reactivation of the digestive (and entire internal) system, gluey, slimy, toxin-filled feces can be easily eliminated through regular and more active bowels. You will feel much more refreshed and energized.
  • Does your tongue look more pinkish-red without a white or yellowish coating? If you DO NOT take strong medications, Taifu should be taken instead of Taifu Plus. People who like to eat spicy foods tend to have very red tongues, which is indicative of an over-heated system. Unless you exercise and sweat a lot, the heat created by spicy foods remains, and causes an imbalance in the system. If the internal system is imbalanced because of heat rather than toxins, Taifu is best suited. Take Taifu every day to prevent your system from becoming severely imbalanced. Hemorrhoid-related conditions are common among those with too much heat in the system.
  • Do you like to eat food that is rich and heavy? None of the above applies to you, but if you still love to indulge in foods that are high in fat or protein like deep fried foods or meats, you are straining your digestive system. Try to stay healthier with a bland diet that is gentle on your system. Taking Taifu on a regular basis will ease the strain on your digestive system. Get Taifu to support and protect your digestive system.
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Various red & pink tongue coatings