Prescribing Tailor-Made Herbs and Traditional Herbal Pills

Juli packaging herbs

Juliana Preparing Custom Prescription Herb Package

After the consultation, the herbalist may or may not prescribe a package of herbs depending on the severity of the illness. A custom package of the herbs specifically tailored for a patient's illness is usually prescribed when the patient's health is relatively severe. She may otherwise prescribe a combination of our proprietary hand made traditional herbal pills (See how Hen Sen Specialty herbal pills are made). Though pill forms may not be as potent as a tailor made package of herb, it is usually a preferred method of healing for majority of patients when the conditions are not as severe. It is because they are very easy to take on the regular basis. All you need to do is simply swallow pills with a cup of tea or water. whereas a package of herbs requires several hours of cooking to prepare herbal tea.(See Herb cooking instructions) Prepared tea is extremely bitter and hard drink, unless you are committed, it maybe hard to continue this regimen.

Proprietary Herbal Pills

Hen Sen Herbs Proprietary Traditional Herbal Pills

Readiness of a patient is also a important factor in deciding what approach would be the best for the patient, meaning that he may be too busy to cook the package of the herbs regularly because of his busy work schedule. Or simply he may not be able to handle the taste of the herbal tea. When a patient is not ready for whatever the reason (even when the herbalist strongly feels that he need the custom herbs), she prescribes the herbal pills along with health regimen which he can start immediately to improve his health. When a patient see a significant improvement from taking pills after a week or so, he is usually ready to go forward with the herbalist's suggestions including the tailor made herbs.

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