How to take tongue pictures


Face and tongue


Close-up of tongue

  1. Use any compact camera, phone camera or SLR with flash. If your camera doesn't have flash, make sure to take pictures in brightly lit area.
  2. Hold the camera 5 to 6 feet away from the face.
  3. Use zoom to frame the images like the ones on the left.
  4. Make sure that pictures are in focus.
  • Though t is not critcal to resize your images to smaller size, it will help reduce¬†upload and download time. If you use Submit Tongue Pictures Form¬†to submit your pictures, keep your image's file size under 2 MB.
  • If you can't resize the pictures, go ahead and email large file to using your favorite email applications.
  • Try your best to take good close up pictures that clearly show the texture and color of the tongue. This will ensure a correct diagnosis of your health conditions.
  • Send other pictures if requested by the herbalist.

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