Rock Salt Massage

Rock Salt Massage

Rock Salt Massage preparation

  1. Pour Rock Salt (Icecream salt) into frying pan without water.
  2. Heat up the Rock Salt on the stove until hot. Stir or turn it over many times to make sure it is heated evenly. It is usually hot enough when you start to hear the popping sound.
  3. Transfer the Rock Salt onto a cotton hand towel (about 12 in. by 12 in. or larger).
  4. Bundle it up to form a ball. Tightly tie the end with a string or rubber band.
  5. Rub down the area with enough pressure applied.
  6. When the Rock salt cools down, reheat the salt as directed above and continue rubbing the area until you feel the increased circulaton of the blood back to the area.

Please be cautious. It may burn your skin when you make a direct contact with the hot Rock Salt.

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