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Traditional Chinese Herbalist - Juliana Chin Isogai

Juliana’s life as an herbalist began at the age of five. Her father, the founder of Hen Sen Herbs, Hen Sen Chin was her teacher. He would let her smell and taste the different herbs at his shop every day, so she could learn the basics of herbal healing from a young age. She was a natural from the very beginning and by the time she began formal training at the age of 12, she was already able to distinguish nearly 1,000 different herbs by smell, taste, and looks.

Juliana was eager to pursue the art of Chinese herbal healing even further, realizing that understanding the theory of treatment meant nothing without the real-life experience of helping actual patients.

From the age of 12 she served as an apprentice under her father, learning everything from diagnosis methods to herbal prescriptions. She stayed up late with her father at night to study the cases and figure out what worked best for each unique patient.

She wrote her first prescription at the age of 14. “It was a patient with very severe stomach pain.” recalls Juliana. “My father knew I could handle the case by myself. I was very happy because he came back the next week with no more pain.” By the age of 20, Juliana took on a larger role at Hen Sen Herbs and became responsible for the creation of most of Hen Sen Specialized Pills and even flying all over the world to take care of her patients. Even though she doesn’t make house calls anymore, patients still fly in from all areas of the country to seek her help.

Seattle Times Article

Juliana was featured in Seattle Times in 2018

Juliana & Her Father, Hen Sen Chin Featured in Seattle Chinese Post

His voice was gentle yet full of energy—a positive healing vibration of some sort that permeated the body. And his voice got used a lot, because he loved talking. Patients loved listening to him, too. He did not speak English well at all; in fact, you would’ve barely understood his words. His healing communication went beyond words. The deep connection you would feel with him was undeniable. You would not even need to use words to describe your suffering. He knew it instantly.

Seattle Chinese Post

Juliana and her father Hen Sen Chin featured in Seattle Chinese Post

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