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Chinese medical theory is based on the Chinese philosophy of balance. When there is balance in the body, there is health. When out of balance, there is disease. Herbal treatments at Hen Sen Herbs will consider a patient’s internal and external conditions through personal consultations. Herbal prescriptions, along with lifestyle and dietary changes, will be recommended to a patient to restore balance and health based on findings from consultation.

Consultations at Hen Sen Herbs

Your first consultation begins before you even visit by filling out our consultation form, and ideally, submitting pictures of your tongue (read about diagnosis methods to understand why we like to look at your tongue).


Your first visit with Juliana will typically last 45 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the complexity of your case.

As a part of evaluation, Juliana would ask many questions regarding your health, which include your medical history, medications and supplements, your lifestyle, stress, diet and so on. This process is particularly important in terms of understanding your health and, more importantly, determining the root cause of any illness.

Read on to understand what you can expect from a typical consultation.



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