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A consultation & the process of healing requires significant amount of Juliana’s time as well as the effort and the commitment on your part. You can expect the highest levelof committment from Juliana when you are willing to make changes in order to achieve the level of health you desire.

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Hen Sen Chin opened a small herb shop on the corner of 8th Ave. & S. King St. in Chinatown, Seattle in 1951 He was one of the first traditional Chinese herbalists in Seattle area, and was very well respected figure in the community.

You can read some of the news-paper articles from 70’s & 80’s in which he was featured in.

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“Thank you and also, I did get my order today too! My granddaughter tried my seed (No.9 pills) and she told me that it’s sasving her life. She is 14, has many food allergies. Her diet is very restricted and she has to use the #9 every night. Otherwise she is miserable. I am so blessed to have you and your wisdom from your father. Your remedies and teas have helped me for 30 years. First through my naturopatic doctor. She retired and I found you! Thank you again. Oh, I also enjoy read, and use the newsletter to learn and lift me up!”

- Julie Morris-Britton

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This system of Chinese herbal medicine is different from any other, and its efficacy depends on certain simple and logical principles. If these are fully understood and carefully followed, the benefit received in any case will be greatly increased. In fact, such observance is essential to satisfactory results.

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Juliana often prescribe specialty herbal pills along with the pacakage of herbs. Our proprietary herbal pills are still made in old fashioned way. No preservative, artificial additive or binding agents are used in order to produce the finest and the mosst potent pills.


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